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Welcome to Citizen Dog!

Training is critical to a long, happy and safe relationship with your canine friend. Yet many dog owners become frustrated when trying to train their dogs.

The fact is that almost everyone can benefit from some coaching in how to better train their dog. That is why I founded Citizen Dog - to help dogs and their owners in the Bellevue/Seattle area. Whether you prefer to participate in group classes or have private lessons, let me help your dog be a model citizen!

Citizen Dog is founded on the belief that if you take a positive approach to your dog training, it will become both an enjoyable and fulfilling activity. Training is most effective when both you and your dog are enjoying yourselves and having fun! As you build the relationship with your dog, you'll find that training gets easier and easier. Before long, it will become intuitive, and so easy that you'll do it without thinking.

Dog training needn't be hard - you just need to take time to learn exactly what works and why people often fail, and spend time practicing effective techniques with your dog! If you have any questions while exploring this website, please shoot me an e-mail...or just pick up the phone and call. There's no better time to start improving your relationship with your dog than now!

Cheri Yates, Ph.D., CPDT, KPA-CTP - Owner and Trainer 425-452-1151

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