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Group Lessons

Cheri currently has no group classes scheduled, but these are some of the classes she has taught.  If you'd like to be notified of future classes, email Cheri at the address under the "Contact" tab above.

Puppy Head Start

Puppy head start focuses on the priorities of puppyhood: socialization, bite inhibition and the prevention of common behavior problems. Puppies are positively introduced to a variety of new stimuli, learn to enjoy being handled by new people, and play off leash in compatible puppy play groups. House training, crate training, puppy nipping, chewing, home alone training and polite manners are covered. Puppies must be 8 to 16 weeks old when class begins. 

Puppy Play Camp: For Small and/or Shy Pups

Puppies learn many skills through play with same-age puppies, such as bite inhibition, communication, and socialization. Puppy Play Camp provides an opportunity for your pup to gain additional experience with these important skills, as well as tire him or her out! Puppies will rotate in small groups of two to four, maximizing their learning time. In addition to play, puppies will have toys and obstacles to explore. Raising a puppy can feel overwhelming at times — camp offers time to learn about your pup’s developing skills and ask questions. Families welcome! Camp is an ideal class to take concurrently with Puppy Head Start or Puppy Manners 1 and is tailored specifically to small breed puppies (up to 20 pounds when adults) or shy puppies who need a little extra socialization in the right environment (exceptions by instructor permission). Register today and join the fun!

Puppy Manners

Puppy manners offers basic training and ongoing socialization for puppies, either as a continuation of Puppy Head Start or as puppy’s first class. This class follows the AKC STAR PUPPY program.  Topics include polite greetings, basic skills and problem-solving as well as off-leash play in compatible puppy play groups. Puppies must be 17 weeks to 7 months old when class begins. 

Puppy Manners 2

Puppy Manners 2 adds a higher level of distraction and difficulty to the basics and introduces new skills. The emphasis is on leadership, ongoing socialization and the potential challenges of adolescence. Class includes off-leash play time in compatible puppy play groups. Puppies must be no older than one year when class begins. Prerequisite: Puppy Manners or instructor permission.

Dog Manners

Dog Manners  focuses on building the dog/handler relationship through basic training, leadership and awareness of how dogs communicate. Topics covered include polite greetings with people, basic skills, techniques for preventing unwanted behavior and appropriate dog/dog interactions (on leash). Dogs must be at least eight months old when class begins. 

Shy Dog Manners

Shy Dog Manners  covers the same topics as in Dog Manners but with an emphasis on dogs who are fearful of new people, dogs, and/or environments. Dogs progress at their own pace. 

Dog Manners 2

Dog Manners 2 adds a higher level of distraction and difficulty to the basic skills and introduces new skills. Emphasis is on performance in the real world. Prerequisite: Puppy Manners 2, Dog Manners or instructor permission.

Canine Good Citizen Prep

Canine Good Citizen Prep prepares students and their dogs to take the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test, a certification program designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. For more details, please visit At the end of the course, there will be an opportunity to take the CGC test for a small fee. Dogs who have their CGC certificates are eligible to apply for our volunteer Visiting Pet Friends program. Prerequisite: Dog Manners 2 or instructor permission.

Rally 1

Take your dog’s training to the next level! Rally Obedience draws on basic skills such as “sit,” “down” and “stay” to create a series of fun exercises on a numbered course. Rally is an excellent activity for building teamwork, connection, and a positive rapport between you and your dog. If you are looking for an activity that turns your pet into a teammate, is easy to practice at home and promises tons of fun, Rally is for you. To find out more about Rally visit:  Instructor permission required.

Rally 2

This fun class incorporates the 36 Novice Signs learned in Rally 1 into courses of increasing difficulty. Proofing of skills, refining behaviors, and feeling confident on the courses are emphasized. Preparation for competing at the Novice level is introduced. This class is designed to be repeated until the instructor advances the team to the next level.  Instructor permission required.

Tricks for Clicks

Looking for fun ways to exercise your dog’s body and mind while enriching your relationship with your canine companion? Discover the power of shaping your dog’s behavior using a clicker as a marker signal. Beginning, intermediate and advanced tricks will be introduced and are sure to make your dog the talk of the neighborhood: spin left and right, high five, take a bow, sit pretty, jump through a hoop, and more! Fun for both dog and handler is guaranteed!

Dogs Go Sniffing! (Coming soon!)

  • Phoenix graduates from Puppy Headstart!

  • Not all graduates get a cap & gown treatment like this fellow, but we have lots of proud parents like these at graduation time!

  • Some Canine Good Citizen (CGC) graduates...and their proud humans!

  • Puppy Manners are a family affair!

  • Sitting like a pro!

  • Nothing says the trainer has to weigh more than the pup!

  • Sitting is one thing; sitting and staying in a hoop is another!

  • Some pups seem born to jump...with a little encouragement!

  • You can teach a dog to stay...even if he's bigger than you are!

  • Whispering a few words of encouragement during a break.

  • Even a young pup can learn the important basics!

  • Some pups just can't wait to get back to training.

  • Total focus!

  • Sometimes training must be interrupted for a heartfelt hug!

  • Loose leash walking (while carrying a ping-pong ball in a spoon!)

  • Another great loose leash!

  • Praise for a task well done!

  • Dad keeps the leash, but daughter and dog are totally in sync!

  • Graduation day is a proud time for everyone!

  • New experiences (like walking onto a wobbly surface) require careful planning (note both the foot and hand stabilizing the disc)...and a treat that makes it a risk worth taking.

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